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Today's News: Mon. Oct. 7

Police captured the suspect in a triple shooting. Demetrick Doctor was arrested in Richland County after a three-day manhunt. The 46-year-old is accused of killing two people and injuring a third Thurs. night near Hardscrabble Rd. and Interstate 77. Doctor was located on Sat. night.


A woman is in custody after shooting the window of a North Charleston bar. Police say 34-year-old Latish Milligan was trying to shoot a woman in the parking lot but instead hit the window. It happened early Sat. morning when the two were arguing outside the North Park Grill. Milligan is facing attempted murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and drug charges.


A Charleston-area shopping center will soon have a new owner. The Lowes Food-anchored Oakbrook Station Shopping Center in Summerville, S.C. was sold for $22.2 million. It was purchased by LBX Investments, and it was fully occupied during the time of the sale.


History was made today when the American Legion Auxiliary welcomed its first male member. The group is known as a women's patriotic service organization which was founded in 1919. In August, they passed a resolution which allowed male spouse of eligible veterans to join. Brandon Sinner is the first man to join in the state of S.C.


President Donald Trump is getting bipartisan criticism over his decision to start withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the withdrawal will only benefit Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime in Syria. McConnell warned that it increases the risk that "ISIS and other terrorist groups regroup." S.C. Republican Lindsey Graham, who is one of President Trump's top allies, called the move impulsive, short-sighted and irresponsible as it will lead to the reemergence of ISIS. Trump defended the move, saying it's time to get the U.S. out of, "ridiculous endless wars."

Today's News: Wed. Oct. 2

Officials confirmed explosives have been found inside a vacant house for sale in Greenville County. The Sheriff's Office bomb squad says they went to the house in Pelzer on Tues. after a real-estate agent touring the home called 911. Deputies say there were two pipe bombs and numerous homemade grenades in the house. The Greenville County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the property is now safe and is no longer a danger to the public. According to the reports, the property has been vacant for at least two years.


Charleston County School District is receiving a large amount of funding from the federal government to help with counseling and mental health services. The grant came through the Department of Education as part of the "Project Prevent" which looks to help districts identify, assess and help students who have dealt with trauma and provide them proper care.


Former Rep. Bob Inglis and another S.C. Republican filed a lawsuit claiming the Republican Party is breaking its own rules and S.C. law by cancelling its 2020 presidential primary. Although it is not a requirement that the state party holds a primary every presidential election year, party rules dictate the decision to cancel the presidential primary must be made by a vote at the state party convention. The S.C. GOP did not follow that rule, for the executive committee made the decision unilaterally, claiming it would save taxpayer money.


The S.C. Department of Education is releasing report cards on schools and districts around the state. More than a third of schools increased their overall rating, while 40 percent remained the same. However, 17 percent of schools saw a drop in overall ratings.


If you plan on taking an Uber or Lyft to Charleston International Airport, you'll notice a new fee being added to your total. The Aviation Authority board approved a $3.25 fee to all rideshare users being dropped off at the airport which went into effect yesterday Oct. 1. This is in addition to the airport pick-up fee which was built into the app in 2015. Airport officials say the fees are in place to help offset the costs of airport infrastructure work.

Today's News: Tues. Oct. 1

Mullins Police report 27-year-old Maleek Smith has turned himself in for a fatal shooting at a Marion County tobacco shop yesterday. He's charged with murder, but the name of the victim and circumstances have yet to be released.


Trevor Raekwon Seward has been charged for the murder of S.C. postal worker Irene Pressley. Seward was connected to the crime when his fingerprints matched those found on a package at the crime scene. Pressley worked for the postal service for over 20 years.


A private company hired by the City of Charleston is supporting some of the claims of those alleging racial bias by its police department. The CNA audit determined there are issues in the areas of racial disparities, internal complaints and training. Specifically, the report found Black drivers were pulled over more often in traffic stops which ended in citations, and Black drivers are twice as likely to be searched after a warning was given. Chief Luther Reynolds says the department is already making some adjustments.


Columbia's economy is among the top 100 in the country. According to a new study conducted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Columbia is ranked 73rd. The city produces over $42 billion which represents more than 15 percent of S.C.'s entire economy.


According to the Winthrop University's newest findings on the Democratic Presidential Primary, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has moved ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders in the S.C. Polls. Warren currently sits behind former Vice President Joe Biden as the preferred Democratic nominee in the state.

Today's News: Mon. Sept. 30

A shooting suspect is in custody after being arrested when police say he returned to the scene of the crime. Manly Thompson is accused of killing his half-brother in Lancaster. The victim's body was found inside his home this weekend. Officers say Thompson ran away after the shots were fired, but he came back while officers were investigating.


Sen. Cory Booker may want to beat Joe Biden as they fight for the Democratic Presidential nomination, but not like this. While stumping for votes in S.C. yesterday, Booker said he is offended Republicans are trying to shift attention to the former Vice President and away from President Donald Trump as he faces an impeachment inquiry. Booker called Biden an honorable statesman.


Former Gov. and Congressman Mark Sanford faces obstacles in his presidential quest, dealing with lack of money, lack of GOP support, the persistent ridicule from President Trump and the burden of having pepetrated one of the most excruciating gubernatorial episodes in American history. Despite all this, Sanford affirms he is a better Republican nominee than President Trump in the 2020 election.


Charleston County's half-cent sales tax increase was aimed to help fix Charleston County's roads; however, little fixes have been seen. Old and damaged roads cost S.C. drivers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in damages to their vehicles.


Tomorrow, Oct. 1, state Attorney General Alan Wilson will hold the 22nd Annual Silent Witness Ceremony in Columbia. In 2017, S.C. was ranked in the top five for the rates of women killed by men and has remained in the top ten for the last 20 years.


It may have been hot today, but a cold front will bring afternoon showers and thunderstorms which are expected to cool down parts of S.C. The heat will return throughout the rest of the week, but it is looking good for the weekend as much cooler temperatures are expected.

Today's News: Wed. Sept. 25

S.C. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is among those in Washington, D.C. carefully looking over the transcript of a conversation between President Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine. It was released today after reports said President Trump threatened to withhold aid to the Ukraine to do a probe. This latest controversy is what pushed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call for an impeachment inquirty yesterday.


S.C. Rep. Tom Rice is in some 'hot water' over offshore drilling. Despite saying he would support the bill, Rice voted against S.C. Rep. Joe Cunningham's bill putting a permanent moratorium on offshore drilling. Rice says the bill disregarded states' rights.


An Orangeburg man has been arrested for a series of burglaries across S.C. Sheriff Leroy Ravenell says 47-year-old John Paul Thompson and his accomplices stole from over 300 victims across the state, as well as Va. and Fla. Thompson is facing numerous charges as well as two others already in custody. The gang has been named the "pillowcase bandits," for their use of victims' pillow cases to carry stolen items.


The U.S. Attorney's Office and several federal agencies are working with the Columbia Police Department to get illegal guns off the streets. At a news conference today, their partnership was announced, with the hope they can work together to prevent, reduce and solve gun-related violence in the states' capital. The Columbia Police Department is one of a few law enforcement agencies across the country which has two federal grants to fight gun violence.


Horry County Schools are releasing a high school photo of Jarrett Smith who is accused of plotting to bomb a major news network. The active duty Army soldier was in federal court yesterday, where he was charged with one count of distributing information related to explosives and weapons of mass destruction.


Eight former state employees, six of which were correctional officers, have pleaded guilty to federal offenses after they were caught accepting bribes to smuggle contraband into prisons, such as phones, liquor, tobacco and drugs.

Today's News: Tues. Sept. 24

In Lancaster, S.C., police are investigating a deadly nightclub shooting. Investigators say two people were killed and nine others were injured when gunfire erupted during an argument at Skool Sports & Grill early Sat. morning. Four of the victims were flown to Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C. for treatment. No arrests have been made; however, investigators have identified a person of interest.


Flags are being flown at half-mass today across S.C. in honor of Dr. Emily Clyburn, the wife of House Majority Whip and S.C. Rep. Jim Clyburn, died last week. Her funeral took place today at Morris Brown AME Church in downtown Charleston.


In Washington, S.C. Republic Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke out on the big whistleblower report. Despite being one of President Trump's closest allies, Graham says the administration should release as much of the transcript as possible. He ripped the leaking of the report while also saying the Justic Department should investigate former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter who had some businnes interest in Ukraine. The whistleblower suggested Trump pressured the foreign president to investigate one or both of the Bidens.


The Greenville Police Department is currently searching for a hit-and-run driver. Over the weekend, a cyclist was injured at McDonald's, and the suspect drove off without assisting the victim. The suspect was seen driving a small, grey sedan.


Over the weekend, Columbia has created a ban on asking job applicants about their past criminal convictions. Mayor Steve Benjamin calls on other local governments in S.C. to follow in their footsteps. According to advocates for the policy, a record of past criminal convicitions has been a stumbling block for those seeking to rebuild their lives. Automatic background check are now only required when the sensitivity of the job requires it.


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