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Just the guy entertaining you on your radio! When I’m not on the air here, you can always find me enjoying a good meal. What else I do around here: a little bit of everything; general manager, music programming, load the dishwasher and clean the gutters. (The last two I really don’t do, but maybe…) Other fun facts:

Born: In May. I’m the only child of the family and wasn’t spoiled at all (and if you believe that!)

Why Radio: Always loved music as a kid and up into my teens. Then, the bug hit me when I got into high school and I had to start going to every radio station! What I found was that I had a passion for the radio business. Now almost 20 years later, I still look forward to coming into work and doing what I love, oh, and I get paid for it! I feel extremely blessed and wish every person could make a living doing what truly makes them happy.

Hobbies: Skiing, tennis, swimming, road trips, music, music, an oh…did I mention music?

Favorite Sports To Play: Ummm that’s a joke right!? Spinning turntables is that a sport? I guess tennis is considered a sport.

Favorite Music Groups/Performers: Chicago, Katy Perry, Tiesto are in the top category. Can’t stand polka. Enough said!

Favorite Food: Seafood, steak, and lasagna, and cheesecake (perfect finish to a meal!). Bottom line – I like food!

Bucket List: Win the lottery (ok, so it probably won’t happen, but I can put it on the list, can’t I?)

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If a moose shows up for a party, you better have food on hand. A family in Alaska was having a pool party in their backyard when a moose showed up. The humans scattered as the animal drank water from the pool, and then stole a taco. Nobody was injured, it seems the moose eventually wandered off on its own. ...
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There's driving and texting, and then there's driving and playing Pokémon Go on eight different phones at once. Washington State Trooper Rick Johnson shared a photo from the incident on Twitter Tuesday (August 13th.) It shows all eight devices in a make-shift holder made of foam, all with their screens lit up. The trooper noted that the driver "agreed to put phones in back s...
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Python In Toilet

This is the fourth time I can think of about a snake being in a toilet!!  Last week it was a snake in a womans bed at a Hampton Inn in Memphis, TN.   What is going on?  I am terrified of snakes, and this would all be the death of me.   In case you missed it, this was the article:   LiveLeak claims a mother of t...
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Couple Asks For School Supplies Instead Of Wedding Presents

When Matt and Kelli Cameron of Tampa, Florida, got married last month, friends and family members showed up to celebrate the couple.  But instead of showing up at the wedding with gifts in hand, the guests had backpacks full of school supplies that would be donated to local kids in need.  While planning the wedding, Matt and Kelli realized that they didn’t really need anything. ...
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